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2012. Harkovskaya obl. Municipal enterprise Shevchengkivskyi orphanage

РЕЙТИНГ: 11972
Municipal enterprise Shevchengkivskyi orphanage  
Shevchenkivskyi district, Shevchenkove (village), Lenin str., 44
Rayisa Maksymivna Barybina

Ganna Yuriyivna Gerashchenko
Cell phone
(095)01 24 542

The orphanage is situated in the village regional center at the distance of about 86 kilometers from the oblast (district) center and it has been operating since 1975. There are 103 children in the institution, all of whom are boys and youth from 6 to 30 years old, who suffer from moderate mental deficiency and who come from various districts of Kharkiv region.

The Orphanage is composed of the main building, in which sleeping and study premises are located, as well as rooms for taking rest and playing games, administrative part, medical unit, catering department with the canteen, assembly hall and sports hall. All conveniences are present, which include plumbing, sewerage, central heating. The total area is 4421 km and the  living area is 1240 km.

On the surrounding territory, which is about 3 hectares, there are separate buildings, which are used for household and technical services. The orphanage territory is well organized, asphalt paths have been paved, and flowerbeds are placed. Various fruit and ornamental trees and bushed have been planted. Opened game pavilions, arbors and park benches, as well as playgrounds have been designed for the children’s rest. 

Household yard is organized and separated from the living area. There are laundry, garage, workshops and vegetable store.

Raisa Maksymivna Barybina is princilapal of the orphanage. She has been named a “distinguished social worker of Ukraine”.

The children are divided into groups according to their age and intellectual development. Each group has specially equipped game rooms and rooms “for social adaptation”. There are also study rooms, cabinets for medical procedures, an assembly hall and sport halls. Game rooms are connected to closed balconies, where children can stay when there is bad weather outside and are also used as sleeping rooms in summer.

It is clean, cozy in the orphanage; there are many flowers. The walls of the rooms are painted and covered with wallpaper of light colors, as well as the colors of window blinds and blankets.

The first-aid post is located inside the main building of the orphanage. It is equipped with necessary cabinets: doctor’s cabinet, manipulation study for conducting of medical therapy, physiotherapeutic procedures, sensory development cabinet, gym, aromatherapy cabinet, and psychological relief room. There are also insulator and quarantine branch.

For rehabilitation and recovery of the children, there are physical therapy office with the Swedish wall, training devices, bicycle ergometer, sensor balls and other special equipment.

There is well-equipped physiotherapy room containing such devices as ” : УВЧ-40 і УВЧ-60”, “Tonus” device to conduct diodinamotherapy, device to conduct electrophoresis and others. 

A lot of attention is given to creating conditions for intellectual and physical development of the children, correctional and educational work. We try to surround the children with care and loved, to help prepare the children for independent life, to support them.

In the orphanage there are children with severe impairment of mental development, behavior, motion, and therefore it is very difficult for them to learn to read, write and count on early stages of their lives. That’s why these skills are taught through game-playing, hand-made activity and such.

Intellectual disability correction is conducted at all the classes and is itself a specialized task demanding various psychological approaches that influence the simplest mental regulation. A lot of attention is addressed to giving the children labor education in order to conduct successful social rehabilitation.

The greater part of the work in the area of material support of the children of the orphanage, buying equipment is done by the funds of sponsors and charitable organizations because, unfortunately, the government does not have enough funds. Of course, the sponsors, too, cannot cover all the needs of the children. Our biggest wish is to equip children’s playground because the present equipment is outdated. It has been in use for 25 years now. There is enough place on the territory of the orphanage for it.

At the same time, the orphanage needs:

-    Materials for overhaul of the light in the sports hall;

-    Sports equipment for the sports hall;

-    Sports equipment for the sports ground;

-    Sets for sewing;

-  Developing and sensor games for the younger children and teenagers, constructors for teenagers and older children;

-    Stationery;

-    Sets of hand tools to equip the workshop;

-    Equipment for the catering department and for laundry (dishwasher, washing machine and a dryer drum).